To introduce our film, first I would like to start with its inspiration.  As a Yonsei or 4th generation Japanese American, I have always known about the camps my family was in during World War II.  My grandparents didn’t talk about it much and my mother was too young to really remember anything but I saw the photos and heard a few stories.  It had been a dream of mine to make a documentary on the subject, but I just never seemed to have the courage or self confidence to go out on my own.  That is, until my grandmother’s health started to decline and I realized I was about to lose my last source of stories.  When she passed away in January, I had made up my mind that there was no more time for self doubt or fear.  The survivors of the camps are slipping away day by day and we can never get those stories back.  That is why we are making this film.  We want to share these stories and preserve them for future generations.


Masuda family circa 1945

Masuda family in Topaz Relocation Center, Utah, circa 1945.   Left to right: Ron, Yoneko, Patricia, Kazuto, Eileen


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