A Slippery Slope

On January 7th, the following letter to the editor of the Miami Herald was published:


“The West, including the United States, has declared Wednesday’s murderous act in Paris a terrorist act, while the Muslim extremists called their act a godly Islamic act.

Is it going to take the murder of millions of us who practice religions other than Islam to recognize those who are our self-declared enemy?These are Islamic terrorist acts, (not Christian, Jewish, Hindu, etc.).  Unless we acknowledge that, we will never defeat them.

During World War II, the United States interned good and bad Japanese and Germans, and not one American was murdered on American soil. It is time to intern all Muslims who do not swear allegiance to the United States and our Constitution, denounce Sharia law, delete from their Quran all references to Jihad and the Quran’s designation that nonbelievers are subhuman.

Reward those who call for and practice Islamic transformation and intern all others or deport them. Islamists know they are at war with us. It is time for our government acknowledge that fact.”



This kind of rhetoric should be deeply concerning to all Americans who cherish their citizenship and freedoms.  Many people feel that the incarceration of a group of people could never happen again in this country.  I made two observations when reading this letter.  One, individuals will support an extreme response when they are fearful.  Two, a lack of knowledge or understanding about our history really will doom us to repeat it.  We can never stop discussing the mistakes we’ve made as a country because we cannot afford to ever repeat them.




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