Share your story with us!

This is a clip of my cousin Jeff retelling what my grandparents had told him about camp life.  Notice how different their perspectives were even though they lived through it together.  Everyone has a unique story.  Unfortunately both of them are gone now and we no longer have the opportunity to ask them about their experiences.  I encourage all of you to talk to your family and get their stories so that future generations can understand where they came from.

I have noticed that when I ask people if I may interview them, the most common answer is “I don’t have any interesting stories”.  Explain to them that to our generation, ANY story is interesting because we have NO IDEA what its like to live through a World War or be incarcerated in a camp.  When I have found people willing to share, the stories that I have heard have been amazing and I am thankful that we can preserve them on camera for their kids and grandkids and greatgrandkids.

We would also love to hear your family’s story about the war, so if you are willing to share it, let us know!  You can email us directly at or contact us through our “Tell Us Your Story” page.