Lost & Found

Watch our latest short, “Lost & Found”, which tells the story of 2 boys separated by the incarceration and reunited 70 years later.

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Always Remember to Never Forget

I was named for my Uncle Ruben who died during World War II.

He was way too young when his life was taken; he had the entire world before him.

Many young men and women have died while protecting our freedom and I can not help but wonder what that freedom entails.

I joined this documentary because I love our country but I am afraid we have lost sight of that very freedom Ruben died protecting.

Liberty is a double edged sword.

Many socioeconomic groups have been persecuted over the course of our Nation’s history and while this documentary chooses to highlight the strife of the Japanese American during World War II, there are endless chapters to what I hope will be a series reminding viewers that though our nation is great we are not without flaw.

We must stand up and ask questions and continue to fight for our Liberty.

Sure our nation is a land of freedom but what happens when our Government choose to redefine that Liberty? What are we left with? Now more than ever it is imperative we remind ourselves of the atrocities committed during the history of our homeland.

If we allow ourselves to forget this reality than we will be forever blinded from preventing it.

Somehow I think Thomas Jefferson would not approve.

American Complacency is a false sense of pride, an easy way out.

We should refuse to accept such a notion. In Memory of all those who have perished fighting for our country, we must never forget to remember that America is as flawed as it is beautiful.