1868-The first Japanese immigrate to the United States as migrant farm workers

1905The Asiatic Exclusion League (Japanese and Korean Exclusion League) is formed by 67 labor unions

1907The Gentlemans Agreement with Japan limits any further emigration of Japanese with the exception of family members of those already in the United States

1913California Alien Land Act prohibits ownership of land by those ineligible for citizenship. Because of the 1790 Naturalization Act, Issei (1st generation) were considered ineligible for citizenship

1924The Immigration Act of 1924 effectively ends all immigration from Japan

December 7, 1941-Pearl Harbor is bombed by the Japanese

December 8, 1941-United States declares war on Japan

February 19, 1942-President Roosevelt signs Executive Order 9066 which paves the way for the incarceration of all those of Japanese ancestry from the West Coast

March 27, 1942-The 1st assembly center opens at Santa Anita racetrack

May 8, 1942-The 1st relocation center opens at Poston, Arizona

June 17, 1942-The War Department announces that it will not accept persons of Japanese ancestry for service in the armed forces

October 30, 1942-Last assembly center closes in Fresno, California

February 3, 1943-President Roosevelt activates the 442nd Regimental Combat Team comprised of Nisei (2nd generation) from the Mainland and the Territory of Hawaii

Late Winter/Early Spring 1943-The War Relocation Authority distributes a loyalty questionnaire to all persons of Japanese ancestry in the camps

May 8, 1945VE (Victory in Europe) Day-The Allies formally accept the unconditional surrender of the Nazis, thus ending the war in Europe.

August 6 & 9th, 1945-Atomic bombs are dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan

September 2, 1945-VJ (Victory over Japan) Day-Japan surrenders

March 20, 1946-Last relocation center closes in Tule Lake, California

July 15, 1946-President Truman remarks while at the Presidential Unit Citation Ceremony for the 100th Battalion/442nd RCT, “You fought not only the enemy, you have fought prejudice–and you have won.”

1988-President Reagan signs HR 442 providing an apology and reparations for the living survivors of the incarceration camps


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